[Update] How To Make CBD Infused Cooking Oil


CBD Isolatecooking oil

                    CBD Cooking Oil Recipe

Items you need :

1 gram CBD isolate or concentrate

1 cup of Cooking oil (Coconut, Olive, or Canola)


Add 1 cup of oil(Coconut, Olive or Canola) to a pot, put the pot on the stove and put on  simmer.
Crush 1 gram of CBD crystals or concentrate into powdered form, and put the concentrate into the pot.
Stir the mixture until the CBD has completely dissolved.

Note: The temperature of the oil should not exceed 118°C/220°F as this will burn the CBD and you will be left with just oil.
Turn off the stove and let the mixture cool down, then pour the CBD Oil into a glass jar and store it at room temperature.
That’s it! You will now have 48 teaspoons of homemade CBD Oil at 20mg of CBD per serving!

You can adjust the strength and potency of the oil by using more or less CBD isolate accordingly. Simply divide the amount of CBD you used by the amount of oil you used in teaspoons. For example, 600mg of CBD isolate in 48 teaspoons(1 cup) of oil would result in a potency of 12.5 mg CBD per teaspoon.
This CBD oil’s shelf life is at least 2 months and can be extended with refrigeration.

Always store in a cool dry place and out of the sun.

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